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Speckled Park Bull



Speckle Park Bull (DOB: 9/2/21):--Impressive depth with docile personality and sound feet/legs with the beef producer in mind. Very young masculine bull that will produce feminine cows and excellent beef. If you like feeding corn, then we recommend buying a pig or a chicken instead. This is not your typical wedge shaped bull that needs expensive grain products just so he doesn't fall apart on pasture. We believe cattle should have the genetic makeup (not a free pass for a black haircoat) to thrive on roughage and this bull will do just that for you. He came easy as a calf with lots of vigor and showed excellent growth on a moderate frame. His sire is Reg. #: [CAN] 11697-PB. Double vaccinated, SEMEN TESTED (6/10/23: SC=35.5cm, 90% Progressive Motility, 89% Normal Morphology), and ready for your pasture.

Tehama Tahoe Heifer

$900 SOLD

Born on Dec. 15, 2021 and weaned 45+ days ago. Double vaccinated, laid back temperament with very smooth features. Sire is AAA Reg #17817177.

weaned heifer.jpg
bred cow.jpg

3 Year Cow Bred to Growth Fund

$1400 SOLD

3 Yr old Angus confirmed bred to Growth Fund (AAA Reg #18827828). She was an excellent mother to her first calf. Easy keeper that stays in good flesh. She will not disappoint when she gives you a Growth Fund calf! DUE DATE: March 10, 2023. Growth fund was ranked as the #2 registered Angus sire last year!! She has had all of her breeding vaccines.

Heifer Bred to Playbook

$1600 SOLD

BRED HEIFER, that is confirmed pregnant to Playbook (RAAA Reg #18414912) DUE DATE: February 28, 2023. She will turn 2 years old right when she calves, but you can sleep easy with a low birthweight Playbook calf on the way. We like to calve our heifers out before our cow herd so that they don’t miss a beat getting bred back the next year. Did I mention that she is out of the top red angus sire Stockmarket (Reg #375169)? She does have an old pinkeye scar, but she still has vision and is very calm and easy to work like all our cattle! Has had all of her breeding vaccines.

bred heifer.jpg
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