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USDA Beef & Pork Shares

Fill your freezer with local, quality, delicious farm-to-table meat!

Beef Shares expected to be available again in Spring 2023.

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Allie F

My husband and I can’t say enough good things about this business! We just had some of the breakfast sausage this morning, and OH MY GOODNESS! It was amazing! Jake & Taunya are amazing to work with! We were traveling back to North Carolina and they went above and beyond to make sure our meats stayed cool for the ride back! Give these guys a try, you won’t regret it!

Sarah C

Windy Creek Farm delivered some of the best pork chops and sausage we have ever had! The delivery was convenient and the pork was delicious!

Krista K

Delicious and such a sweet family!! highly recommend them!!

Billy G

My first order of pork was really nice . I grilled pork chops last night for dinner and they were wonderful . You can really taste the difference , actually you can see the difference in fresh farm raised meat vs meat from the grocery store . We thoroughly enjoyed our first Windy Creek pork , now I'm ready for some lamb ! Great cuts of meat and very nice folks to boot , win win !

Kristen V

Taunya was super responsive to requests for a certain size of boston butt. She was professional and personable in our transaction, answering all of my questions. The pork looks delicious, can't wait to cook it! Will definitely order from them again. Support your local family farms....

Ken D

Outstanding sausage that I purchased yesterday! Very good response and super good people.. and on time.. and very very nice.
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