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Why Shorthorn Cattle?

Our story with shorthorn cattle began by experimenting with genetics through artificial insemination in our small commercial cattle herd. We noticed a pattern every time we utilized shorthorn sires.  Docility, feet, fertility, and udders always seemed to improve no matter what type of cow we used to breed to a shorthorn sire. We also learned that it’s possible to finish an excellent quality beef on just grass and started to see why the breed had once been known as the “universal improver.” After discovering the rich history of a true dual purpose breed known for its docility, it was a no brainer for us to transition into raising registered shorthorns. We were able to accomplish this through embryo transfer with our first registered shorthorn hitting the ground in 2021. 











We firmly believe that the cattle industry is changing and that the days of cheap fuel and corn products are a thing of the past.  Instead of changing the land with expensive inputs to fit the needs cattle, we have been determined to breed cattle that fit the land. Our goal is to breed low input cattle that can forage and maintain body condition in real pasture conditions.

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