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Karakachan Livestock Guardian Dogs


All puppies will come registered, microchipped, vet checked, dewormed, vaccinated, and exposure training started to sheep, cattle, chickens, cats, and children.


Puppies are $1000 and a $250 deposit is collected to hold your puppy. We take cash or card.


We are passionate about responsible breeding and believe the Karakachan breed is something special that can add significant value and protection to your farm. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you have.

Ready to start the process in securing your next faithful farm guardian?


Why Karakachans?

At Windy Creek Farm, we are passionate about the Karakachan breed.

Here are some things that make these dogs so special.

Image by Manik Roy

Hardy & Healthy

Their average lifespan is longer than other livestock guardian breeds at 12-14 years. Because this is an old world dog breed, they are hardier with less of the genetic and health conditions that plague many of the overbred livestock guardian breeds in the United States.


Loves People & Kids

These dogs especially love children and are loyal and affectionate to their owners. They are wary and cautious of strangers, but generally will accept guests when they see you accept them.

Image by Frances Gunn

Unlikely to Wander

They are much less likely to wander than other livestock guardian breeds and appreciate boundaries. They are much less likely to leave their herd just to go on an adventure.

goat and hartley.jpg

Intelligent & Instinctual

Karakachans are known to alert owners to birthing issues, sick animals, and other problems on the farm that you may not notice otherwise. They are calm and earn the trust of their herd quickly. Our herd even lets them help clean off their babies!


Less Barking

Karakachans certainly bark at threats, but they are more reserved with their barking and typically will not bark incessantly. Your beauty sleep and neighbors will be grateful!


Impressive Looking

They are beautiful to look at in your fields! They also have a special coat that is resistant to dirt and debris. It's amazing that their white coat stays white being outdoor dogs. Karakachans can get up to 125 lbs.

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